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Oct 31, 2001. A New Beginning
UWOmail is no longer! A complete redesign and rebuild deserves a new name. Encki mail is born.

Encki mail is now an active project on Source Forge. Much of the code is complete and we're nearing the release of the first beta version.

We are very excited about the new Java based spell checker (Castaspell) that is being developed by students at UWO. Our intentions from the beginning have been to involve Western students and faculty in the development of the application. Castaspell is the first of hopefully many more contributions from the UWO community.

February 28 , 2001. UWOmail v0.4 Released
UWOmail Version 0.4 is now available. This is the most stable version and is recommended that you upgrade your distribution. We have greatly improved attachment support, including a fix for the IE5.5 content disposition bug. There is now detailed installation instructions included with the distribution.

January 29, 2001. UWOmail v0.3 Released
UWOmail Version 0.3 is a great improvement over previous versions. Our focus has been security and performance. We have greatly reduced database access by authenticating users with PHP rather than the database. User preferences are now stored as session variables instead of querying the database in every script to get the user's preferences. The addressbook has also been updated. User's can now choose between a Quick Entry and a Detailed Entry form when adding or editing contacts. There are too many improvements to mention here, download the new version and try it out.

November 12, 2000. UWOmail v0.1 Released
Our first version of the UWOmail software is finally released to the public. This version is open source and freely available to download from the web site under the Downloads section.

September 5, 2000. UWO agrees to use UWOmail
The University of Western Ontario ITS department has agreed to use the UWOmail e-mail package to provide students, faculty, and staff with web based e-mail. The UWOmail development team is very pleased with this decision and will work closely with the ITS during the initial implementation. This is a great opportunity to test UWOmail in a production environment with heavy usage. The University of Western Ontario has tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff that will have access to the system. This kind of usage will really test the system and allow us to evaluate how we can improve system reliability and performance.



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